Other Activities

Introduction to the Native Languages

Learn some words in native Berber: Tamazight dialect or acquire a basic notion of spoken Arabic. You will soon notice how a few words and phrases will make a big difference in your Moroccan experience and how people truly appreciate your efforts in learning more about their culture.

Honey Making

Discover the real traditional apiaries reeds and taste the delicious local honey.

Hands-on course on Moroccan Pottery and Tadelakt

Old Kasbah is a true example of one of Morocco’s best known ancient building techniques. But how does earth made architecture work? What is the tadelakt? Learn the answers to these questions and tadelakt techniques in an introductory course with local professionals. You will also have the opportunity to do your own pottery and take it home!

Hands-on Moroccan Cooking Class

If you appreciate good food and would like to learn more about Moroccan cuisine (and show off at dinner parties back home), you are more than welcome in a Moroccan’s kitchen.
Local Berber families will share their family secret recipes which have been passed down from past generations. Cook (and eat!) some of Morocco’s most traditional dishes: tajine, savoury and sweet pastillas, Moroccan pastries, delicious traditional bread and much more.

Argan and Essential Oils Massage

What is more relaxing to relieve pain and stress than a Massage. The Berbers know the value of traditional massage therapy and share it with you through a two-hour massage session.
Learn how to extract argan oil with the women from the local cooperative, or experience a traditional steam bath Hammam. Treat yourself to a day of wellness, relaxation and beauty!


2 levels of rides are available – one for a Beginner and the other being a more challenging track.

Henna Tattoo

Temporary Henna Tattoos are a very ancient tradition in Morocco. These ornamental designs are used to protect and moisturize the skin, nails and hair. The intricate patterns that adorn a woman’s body in Morocco all represent important symbols. Ready to adorn your body with this beautiful and exotic body art? Enjoy!